Join Us - Be a Real Estate Agent


A career as a Real Estate Agent can be both rewarding and exciting!

Whether you're a inexperienced agent or new to the real estate industry or business, our team offers the following support:

  • Personal coaching & mentoring:

    One of the most important element of succeeding as a real estate agent is having a good mentor.

  • Team support & training:

    Trainings are provided by our team, our branch and also on a team-basis on both technical and soft skills for real estate. Having a good team to work with when starting-up your real estate career is also vital

  • Lead generation skills:

    While leads will be provided to get your engine started, the most important skill to master as an agent is to be able to continuously generate leads

  • Special tools and systems

    Enjoy usage of our real estate tools and systems, providing property owner contacts, portal listing systems and more that are key to a successful real estate career